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Главная » 2013 » Ноябрь » 29 » best rate term life insurance
best rate term life insurance

best term life INSURANCE rates - 14 September 2013 - insurance

best rate term life insurance

Protect Your Family With Life Insurance

We know (and you know) that you need life INSURANCE.  We also know from speaking with thousands of consumers just like yourself that you want term life INSURANCE rates cheap and you want coverage from a reputable company.

We get it. and were glad you found us.

[Termlife360] is different than any other independent life INSURANCE agency on the internet.  We give you the opportunity to tap into our 3 most valuable assets:

1. Our Life Insurance Knowledge -We have the experience. knowledge and access to find the life INSURANCE company that will look most favorably at your situation and provide you the best term life INSURANCE rates.  We arent a call center. we arent the annoying friend asking you to buy INSURANCE We are a team of life INSURANCE experts who use our knowledge to offer the best life INSURANCE rates available.

2. Access to over 60 life INSURANCE companies Having access to over 60 life INSURANCE companies puts us in a position to offer the best rates available.  We are independent contractors for these companies so we dont work for them.  We work on behalf of YOU and offer the company that will provide the best coverage at the lowest possible cost.  You can read about some of the best life INSURANCE companies HERE or check out life INSURANCE by state HERE .

3. Our technology Our technology allows us to be more efficient than any other agency in our industry.

- We have implemented e-signature technology with most of our life INSURANCE carriers.  Which means you can sign your life INSURANCE application online!  No paperwork required.  Well complete your application over the phone and send it to you via e-mail for an e-signature and walk you through it.

- Youll be able to view your quotes via a live creen share OR well email you a video link recording specifically for you so you can see the top companies available for you.  (For more information. scroll down)  Weve achieved 100% transparency with our recommendations.

So what exactly do we do for you?

1.  We use our quoting technology to see every life INSURANCE company rates (below left) and then use each company underwriting guidelines (below right) to find the company that will give you the lowest term life INSURANCE rates.  If you prefer to be a self learner we provide details for understanding term life INSURANCE quotes HERE .

In other words. we find the lowest ter. life INSURANCE rates that YOU can qualify for.

Each life INSURANCE company looks at your risk differently.  The key is finding the companies who look at your situation the most favorably and then seeing who will give you the lowest rates.  The most common mistake is picking the cheapest life INSURANCE quote and then not qualifying for it.

2. We paint your risk in the most favorable light to an underwriter.

Underwriting life INSURANCE is an art most life INSURANCE agents grossly undervalue.  One agent could obtain a Standard rating from XYZ life INSURANCE for $75/mo. while we might be able to obtain a Preferred rating from the same company for $45/mo.  All because we took the extra time to give the underwriter more information and context to a case something 95% of agents wont do for you.

Instead of an underwriter looking at your medical records and medical exam like every other risk that comes through. we draft a cover letter that focuses on providing favorable information that not included on the application (exercise regime. healthy eating etc).  This is especially important if you have any health impairments.  Also included in the cover letter is why youre purchasing this coverage. Underwriters LOVE reading these cover letters.  It gives them an emotional attachment and is extremely helpful in obtaining favorable decisions.

3.  100% transparent with our recommendations

We interactively show you our computer screen (we send you a link. no download needed) so you can see for yourself all the top rated life INSURANCE carriers on the market. the different types of life INSURANCE you qualify for and see how they stack up against each other.  We can answer any questions while were viewing the comparison together.

IMAGE: screenshot of screen share

If you dont have access to a computer when we speak. well send you a recorded video of your rates and explain our recommendation.  Youll still be able to see ALL your options.

We believe there isnt enough transparency when searching for term life INSURANCE rates online.  That why we decided to do things differently and give consumers the peace of mind of knowing theyre obtaining the most affordable life INSURANCE rates.

We find our clients the best life INSURANCE rates available.

Here what you can expect from TemLife360

At our core. were a small business that helps families.  Were not a big call center and we arent owned by any INSURANCE companies.  We work on behalf of YOU to find the cheapest term life INSURANCE rates available for your risk.

At [termlife360] we treat you as family.

Well never use those high pressure sales tactics other online agencies use and well never spam your e-mail inbox.  All we do here is listen to what youre trying to accomplish and make the most affordable life INSURANCE recommendations.  Well provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.  Then it up to you.

So be yourselves with us and dont sugarcoat any health issues.  Were on your side.

Were not held to corporate guidelines of doing what best for bottom line or limited to sell a specific life INSURANCE carrier.  We recommend the life INSURANCE company is best for YOU.

In other words. we work for you and not the INSURANCE company.

best term life INSURANCE rates

Article Source: http://www.termlife360.com/

best rate term life insurance

best term life INSURANCE rates - 14 September 2013 - insurance

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